Scuba diving and snorkeling

Amaze yourself in the best diving sites in Aqaba !

Whether you want to try scuba diving, get certified, or are looking to relax between sightseeing tours, Aqaba is the perfect place to be!

Aqaba Marine Park is world known to be the best spot in Jordan to enjoy a peaceful scuba diving and snorkeling session. The Red Sea is a true paradise for divers thanks to its crystal-clear and warm water around the year. Deepest and narrowest gulf in the world, Aqaba has 20 diving sites withing its 27km long coastline. Instead of its neighbour, Egypt, the marine park is a quiet and peaceful spot for divers! You will not find many people here with you!

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First timer or experienced divers let yourself be amazed by the colourful marine life. Scuba diving and snorkeling in Aqaba is the perfect activity for animal lovers ! Find here all kind of fishes like damsels, parrotfish, butterflyfish, anthias and more. Among this exceptional marine life, you may also see cuttlefish, squid and octopi!

Above all this underwater life, Aqaba jealously protect its soft and hard healthy corals. Those gardens are the true treasure of Aqaba Marine Park. Exceptionally well preserved, every diving centre pays extra attention to make sure every diving session is respectful of the fragile marine life.

Cherry on the top : those wonders are accessible from the shore! But if you want to go further and experiment a glass bottom boats, we can also book for you.

Dive among shipwrecks!

If the unique marine life in the Red Sea is not enough to impress you, what about diving next to shipwrecks and tank?

During one of your diving you might want to try and go the Cedar Pride wreck. This former 80m length Lebanese freighter was burn in 1982. It is, in fact, the King Abdullah who asked for the ill-fated vessel to be sink 50 m offshore as an artificial reef. In the former ship you can appreciate numerous hard and soft corals.

Keep swimming and encounter the Tank also known as the M42 “Duster”. Made in the USA, this tank was used in the Jordanian army in the 60’s and then sink in 1998. Here take advantage of the great visibility of the Red Sea to contemplate the corals and sponges who are now living on its hull.

The photographer’s paradise

With this riche marine life and incredible shipwrecks, the Aqaba Marine Park is a paradise for macro photographer. The colourful and unique underwater landscapes will please the amateurs and professionals.

Snorkeling in the Red Sea

You don’t feel like scuba diving? Aqaba is snorkeling friendly!

Since almost all the diving sites are shore-based diving it is really easy for you to appreciate the marine life by your own!

Enjoy your day of snorkeling by going to the First Bay area, the most famous spot for snorkeling! Don’t forget to go and check on the Tank which is only 7m deep! If you want to relax, stop at the Japanese gardens.

Scuba diving and snorkeling in Aqaba are the perfect activities to relax and enjoy a colourful adventure under the sea ! Are you feeling adventurous? Ask about a night diving!

Scuba diving and snorkeling are not the only things you can do in Jordan ! What about hiking or rock climbing in the desert ? Or cycling through the mountains ? You want to stay in the water ? Read more about canyoning in the Wadi Mujib !

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