Step into the best hiking trails of Jordan !

The only way of truly getting to know a country is to take the time to slowly explore all the wonders it has to offer. What a better way of doing it than to hike through the beautiful and colourful landscapes of Jordan?

From the North to the South, the many hiking trails will lead you to the most incredible panoramic views. From mountains and green forests to the infinity of the dry desert, Jordan’s hiking trails suit all level of fitness

Whether you wish to walk for one hour or a few days, Saltus Travel will find you the perfect trek with a local guide.

The Jordan Trail

The most iconic trek of the country is also the longest and the hardest. With its 650 km length, from Um Qais to the Red Sea in Aqaba, it will takes you 40 days if you do it from the start to the end. Luckily, this epic hiking route has been broken down into 8 sections for those with less time !

Dana to Petra

This trail has been rated one of the best hikes in the world by National Geographic. During this 4-5 days trek, let our local guides lead you through many different landscapes and major archaeological sites.

This 72km length trek runs through the 4 biospheres inside the Dana Biosphere Reserve. Get ready to be astonish by the diversity of the scenery in this hike, proving that Jordan is not just a desert area. Not only will you walk through various ecosystems but also through the Wadi Feynan and ancient copper mines.

Dana Biosphere Reserve

Back trail trek to Petra

As famous as the front entrance of Petra is (with its beautiful Siq) you can also enter the ancient site by hiking the back trail.
Thus, this short trek (8 km) starts at Little Petra and takes you to beautiful desert landscapes before leading you to the gigantic door of the Monastery.

Mount Nebo

This sacred mountain, well known by pilgrims to be the place where Moïse died, offers an exceptional point of view. From there you can easily see the Dead Sea, the West Bank and the Jordan River and enjoy a breathtaking view. Experiment this thousand-year-old pilgrimage and reach Syagha, the highest point on Mount Nebo (820 meters above sea level).

Trekking into the Wadi Rum

The Moon valley is so vast it is impossible to see everything in one hike. Whether you want to hike for a few hours or a few days you will never get bored of the extraordinary beauty of the desert. Let the Bedouins point out for you incredible geological formation as you go.

The Wadi Rum is also an extremely friendly environment for rock climbing! If you want to know more about how you can climb those mountains with Saltus Travel :

Bedouin in Wadi Rum

Being part of the Jordan Trail, the Wadi Rum can also be a trekking trail to go to Aqaba! From there, you can rest for a few days and try scuba diving or snorkeling !

To sum up, try the hiking adventure in Jordan! Saltus Travel will always provides you with the trek that fits your level. Bring good hiking boots and socks and let our expert guides show you all the beauty of the various landscapes of Jordan.

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