Find here the pratical information about Jordan before leaving for your amazing journey.
Whether it is about safety, Covid-19 or what to pack in your bag, find all the answers below!



If Jordan has been spared more than a lot of European country with COVID-19, the country still applies same preventative measurements as any other country in the world.

You will have to wear a mask properly covering the nose and mouth and avoid hand shaking and kissing at meetings. If you want to know more about COVID-19 situation in Jordan, visit the official website of the Ministry of Health.

The team of Saltus Travel worked hard with its staff and partners to make sure that your journey stays as safe and fun as before. Our team is aware of the importance of those sanitary measurements and will provide every group with sanitizer during their trip.

Moreover, Jordan has the advantage of being a country with almost exclusively outdoor activities and major touristic sites. Every wonder in the country can be admire in the open air and the gigantic Wadi Rum is the perfect place to enjoy a safe journey far from civilization.



Jordan is a safe country!

Often described as the “quiet house in the noisy neighbourhood”, the political situation in the country is stable. Jordan is a friendly oasis where hospitality reigns supreme and where violent crime is extremely rare.

However, peaceful protests do sometimes occur especially in Amman.

You may observe a strong security presence and metal detectors at hotels and public buildings, tourist police at major sites and military checkpoints around border zones. This security presence is not in response to crime, it’s in place in order to prevent it.

Jordan is as safe as any European country. Thus, be as careful with your valuables as you would at home! Keep your passport and your expensive items with you or place it in a safe.

Formalities and VISA

A valid passport and a visa are required to enter Jordan.
Saltus Travel can take care of the VISA formalities if the passport’s copy is provided at least one week before departure.

Jordan in a summary:

– The official language in Jordan is Arabic. However, English is widely spoke in the tourist areas.

– The population is 95% Muslim but there is also a big Christian community.

– The official currency is the Jordanian Dinar, usually referred to as “JD” or “Dinar”.

– In May 2021, 1JD is equal to 1,41 $

Pack your bag !

Dress code

Jordan is a carefree country with very few rules and regulations. However, there is still certain cultural norms you should be aware of.

In order to respect cultural norms, women are recommended to wear loose-fitting clothing and avoid wearing anything revealing. As for men, always keep in mind to never walk around topless at any point in time.
Do not forget to always carry a scarf with you. On hot day, it might be a good idea to cover your head, especially in the Wadi Rum or in Petra to avoid getting heat stroke. Furthermore, female visitor might need a scarf when visiting religious sites.


Jordan has 4 seasons and 310 days of sunshine!

Jordan has 3 distinct climatic zones: The Jordan valley, the Mountain Heights Plateau and the Desert region.

The weather is almost always dry and sunny from May to October. However, because the heat difference between those zones can be very drastic, the temperature can change quickly if you travel from North to South.
In the summer, the temperatures in daytime is around 32°C to 36°C, while nights are almost exclusively cool and pleasant. However, in the desert region it can be very hot in summer with no vegetation to dampen its climate and nights can be very cold (so don’t forget warm under layers packing your bag!).

Despite the high temperatures in summer, there is not much humidity (around 30 to 40%), keeping the summer heat bearable.

As mentioned before, Jordan do have a winter season! Between November and February, the country receives a great deal of cold and cloudy days, rain and even sometimes snow.

What to pack in your bag

This list depends on the season you came in! As we saw it earlier in the weather section, Jordan do have 4 seasons even winter. However here is an inspirational list of what to bring in Jordan with you no matter the season!

Breathable clothing: Be comfortable during your holiday and take care of you skin by allowing it to breath and sweat without causing skin irritation. The weather can be every hot so pick your cloths with great attention.

Extra layers: the nights, especially in the desert, can be very cold! Don’t forget to wear extra layer to enjoy the milky way while being warm.

Scarf: as mentioned before, a scarf is a must have in Jordan. Both to protect you from the sun but also to cover you if you want to visit religious sites

Sunglasses and sun cream: Jordan receive about 310 days of sunshine per year so protect your eyes and your skin!

Swimsuit: You would not miss floating in the Dead Sea or snorkelling in Aqaba for the world! So do not forget to bring your favourite swimsuit.

Hiking shoes: Jordan is an incredible land for hike lovers. If you want to enjoy your hike through its mountains and desert, be sure to be fully equipped.

Flat shoes: Whether it is to come out of the shower or just chill next to the swimming pool, a pair of flat shoes is a must to carry with you in all your trips !

Breathable trousers: Do not pack tight trousers if you want to enjoy you trip in Jordan. Because of the heat and the sun, you will be more comfortable in loose pants. However do not forget to bring legging as under layer for your nights in the desert !

Jordanian culture

Food and drinks
  • Food:

    The food in Jordan is a journey on itself! Fresh, gourmand, and made with love, find all the wonders of Middle Easter food reunited in Jordan. Taste our delicious falafel, hummus, baba ganouj, mansaf, olives and bread and find the true meaning of Jordan’s hospitality.

    Vegetarian lovers do not worry! Vegetarianism is widely accepted in Jordan. You can always ask for meal without meat for your meal. If you want to, you can even tell our team about your special diet and our staff will take care of the rest. However, keep in mind that almost all traditional Jordanian dishes contain animal products in one way or another.
  • Drink:

    Regarding the water, it is highly recommended to avoid drinking tap water. Always drink purified or boiled water. However, do not worry, it is totally safe to shower and brush your teeth using tap water. During your trip with us, our team will provide you with water bottle every day.
  • Alcohol:

    Even if Jordan is a Muslim-majority country, alcohol is legal. You can find alcohol at a number of restaurants, bar and of course, liquor stores in big cities like Amman or Aqaba but also in Christian towns such as Madaba.
    Little exception: it is illegal to sell alcohol anywhere in the country during Ramadan (with the exception of some high-end hotels).

    Always remember to be mindful of your hosts and consume in moderation.

In Jordan the tip is customary for all the participants during their tour, as it constitutes a significant part of the salary of the staff.

A tip of 25 dinars (approx. 39$) per person will be requested by the guide at the start of the tour to be divided between restorers, innkeepers, waiters, carriers, 4×4 drivers…. This tip is requested at the start of the circuit in order to facilitate the organization and redistribution in a fair manner. As for the tip for the guide, it is customary to give it at the end of the tour and is left to your discretion. Again, it constitutes the majority of his salary. As an indication, it takes 3JD per day and per person. You are free to give more or less, but in any case, know that it will be greatly appreciated.

pratical information about Jordan pratical information about Jordan pratical information about Jordan pratical information about Jordan pratical information about Jordan

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