Discover the secret Jordan on bike!

Cycling might not be the first activity that comes to mind when you think of the Middle East. Jordan is, however, a perfect spot to live a true adventure on bike! Find out more about this experience of a lifetime.

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Challenge yourself on a bike!

Like the Jordan Trail for hikers, cyclists have their own road to enjoy a full trip on bike!

The Jordan Bike Trail is a 730 km route, crossing the country from north to south. Starting in Um Quais, the trail passes spots like Kerak, the Dead Sea, Petra, Dana, the Wadi Rum, before finishing in Aqaba.

It takes 12 days to do the whole trail. Do not worry though! For those who wants to try a portion of it, the trail is divided into 3 parts: norther, central and southern sections. Each one can be done in about five days, with sub-sections that can be done as one-daytrip.

3 sections to enjoy this adventure

The norther section is the most climbing road. Including the biggest single ascents and descents of the entire trail. As you roll through the Jordan Valley, smell the olive and citrus trees perfuming the air. Contemplate the greenest part of the country and marvel at its beauty.

The central section is known for its several massive canyons. This section is highly dramatic and challenging but offer you the most beautiful landscapes. As you pass through the Dana biosphere and the Wadi Mujib, the breath-taking views and bright colours will remind you how worthy your effort was.

Finally, you will find in the southern section the flattest trails and several significant tourist sites like Petra. If this road might seem to be the easiest, it is also the sandiest road. Deep sand might slow your progress, but you will be rewarded with awe-inspiring scenery including the Wadi Rum, also called the Moon Valley.  

The Jordan Bike Trail is a real challenge and is not intended for beginners. However, if you are curious, Saltus Travel can organize with you your own itinerary to enjoy a ride with a guide in any section of your choice.

Cycling in Jordan give you the opportunity to discover the country far from the crowds, on a challenging journey from ancient Greco-Roman ruins in the north to refreshing Red Sea waters in the south. It is also the perfect way to take your time and discover lesser-known sites and to connect with local community and enjoy the Jordanian hospitality.

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6 reasons why cycling in Jordan is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure

The diverse terrain: deserts and green mountains, ancient cities, and modern monuments.

The awe-inspiring views: from Dana to the Wadi Mujib passing by Mount Nebo.

The wild of the desert: conquer the infinity of the desert and spend a night under the milky way.

The Berber hospitality: Bedouin might invite you to their tent homes to share a cup of tea of even meal!

The wonders: discover Petra on your bike!

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