Jordan is a tourism treasure Box..

. filled with opportunities where the more you learn about its different   regions, the more you will want to explore: want to taste fine cuisine, enjoy   Arab fusion music and shop in neighborhood shops? Come to Amman, where   fabulous restaurants beckon, the arts scene is vibrant and funky markets are   the new meeting places. Come wander through Jabal Amman or down town, and   learn more about the history of this city, one of the oldest continually   inhabited cities in the World.


If you want to relax and unwind,   the Dead Sea is the place for you, with its selection of hotels and spas at   405 meters below sea level. There is something magical about bobbing in the   salty waters, knowing that it's impossible for you to sink. Or maybe it's   that spa treatments that await you at the lowest point on earth.


Ride a camel in Wadi Rum, the   Valley of the Moon. The silence of the desert will still your soul, and   you'll come to a new appreciation for the people who traveled and lived here   before cars and trucks. The beauty of the desert will amaze you, as will the   surprises around every corner.


Meet the people: Jordanians are   some of the most hospitable people on earth. Bargain in Al-Balad (down town),   shop for rugs in Madaba, share a glass of tea with your guide in Wadi Rum.   You won't forget the kindness you'll be shown.


Travelling with us is different.